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Sports Medicine......oh boy...?

Sports Medicine......oh boy...?

How much do sports medicine doctors make? I always hear they make around $340,000 a year, but which ones? The doctors that work for a professional team? or the ones that work for a college/university? or maybe the ones that work for a clinic? I want to become a sports medicine physician, but I'm not sure where I should work.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You asked this same basic question yesterday and I answered you.

    Sports Medicine involves numerous types of doctors, but I assume that you are referring to Orthopedic Surgeons who focus on Sports Medicine. As I told you yesterday, the term "Sports Medicine" also refers to a physician who does NOT perform surgery but treats sports related injuries non surgically.

    Surgeons tend to make more money than non-surgeons. A non-surgical sports medicine physician, as I told you yesterday, is unlikely to make $340k/year. An orthopedic surgeon in a successful practice can easily make that, if not double that.

    Team physicians are usually physicians that have an outside practice and then contract with the team as a secondary job. And there are team physicians in just about every speciality.

    If working with a sports team is your primary goal, then it will be important to do a residency that is involved with a sports team. Again, your job will not be solely with the team, you will have a practice somewhere else (clinic, private practice, hospital) and if you are a main physician, you will be at each game.

  • Strega
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    10 years ago

    The doctors in private practice make the most money.

    Doctors who work for professional teams are salaried employees. They make less money.

    If you want to make the most money, then you should work as a private practitioner.

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