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How serious are labral tears?

I have recently been experiancing shoulder pains so i went to the doctor and got an mri. My results just cam in and i have a labral tear in my right shoulder. I am a dedicated softball player, but now will i still be able to play? It hurts alot to lift my arm but i don't want the surgery in case i don't have the same range of motion

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I would try the physical therapy first. Surgery is generally not reversible: it may be necessary, but it does not guarantee to solve the problem, it may make it worse, and there may be other things that can easily help. Hence surgery should ALWAYS be the last resort.

    Bear in mind, many people may have mild labral tears and not really be affected. There may be other factors feeding into this problem, eg strain to the rotator cuff, subacromial inflammation etc, all of which may be easily helped (eg by nutrition, manual therapy etc), and may go a long way to bringing back normal function.

    So do the stuff that's cheap, easy and safe first, and see if it is enough. And if it's not, then consider the surgery.

    Good luck :-)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If you do not have the surgery to repair the tear, you will not be able to play at all. Physical therapy after the surgery will take care of your range of motion concerns.

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