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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 10 years ago

Girls: How can I get this girl back?

So I have really liked this girl since about November, but I wouldn’t ask her out because she had a boyfriend. After they broke up (about a month ago) , we began talking a lot more and she confessed to liking me too. We went out a few times and I thought things were going well and I started liking her more and more. We made out a few times and were going to have sex, but after the last time we went out she told me her feelings had changed and that she no longer liked me as more than a friend. She said it was because I didn’t talk at all (that day I was sad about something else and was really quiet. I admit it). I apologized to her and she said she would give me a second chance. However, the next day she told me that she liked another guy and that she was sorry. That really hurt and I stopped talking to her, but the day after that she said that she missed me and wanted to hang out later. She told me she saw an old ex-boyfriend at a restaurant and that she missed him. But she got sick, so I didn’t see her for several days. We texted each other every day while she was sick and once she got better we planned to watch a movie together at her house. The movie was extremely awkward because we hardly talked, she was texting the whole time, and we didn’t touch at all (she usually likes to cuddle all the time). Then, a few days later, she texted me saying that her most recent ex-boyfriend from before me wanted her back. She said she was confused and didn’t know what to do. At this time I was trying to just forget about her and move on so I told her it was her choice on what to do, rather than telling her to come back to me. She said she wanted someone who treated her like I did (her ex was really mean to her. He called her an annoying ***** and said no one liked her). Well, according to facebook they did get back together and I texted her afterwards just saying “hey” and we talked for a bit, but it was really awkward. Then, I didn't talk to her for about a while because I was trying to forget about the whole thing and move on (it didn't work, in case you’re wondering). Then, my friend told me that her and her ex broke up again and she started going out with another guy. Now they have broken up and she is single again...

What should I do to get her back? (please don't tell me to just move on) I haven't talked to her in about 2 months... What should I do? How do I re-initiate things? How do I start talking to her again? Should I just text her or what? and what do I say? I think it might be awkward after everything... I just found out that we will have US history together this school year (we are both in high school). Could I do anything there?

Sorry that was so long lol. Thanks for reading the whole thing though (if you did).

1 Answer

  • 10 years ago

    Unless you like having games played with your emotions and feelings, I suggest you just move on. Seriously, that is totally not cool. She's already proven herself to be unreliable and a bit flaky, not to mention ''popular'' with the fellas. Do you really, really want a girl like that? Your in high school man, live it up, she won't be the first or last for you. I promise. My son is 12, and that's what I would tell him.

    Good luck to ya!

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