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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 10 years ago

Traits of Leo women....?

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  • 10 years ago
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    "A Leo woman is easy to spot. She's the one lighting up the room in her spectacular designer outfit--Leo women love to make an entrance. Her taste is superb and unfailing. Like chic French women (France is ruled by Leo), a lioness would rather have one dazzling outfit than 20 cheap ones. She has a deep and abiding need for respect from others and will work hard to being noticed and remembered. She is naturally extravagant--don't even try to tell her she spends too much on clothes (or on her kids either, who she loves to pamper). Yet she is warm, spontaneous and creative too, and you are sure to have fun with this vivacious lioness."

    Source(s): Several websites ...
  • Well... I'm a Leo. So I'll list a few of my aspects, though I don't know if I act completely like a Leo description is.

    Positives; Loyal, Trustworthy, Friendly, Open-minded, Talkative (in my group of my friends. I usually keep to myself around people I don't know).

    Negatives; Chronic worrier, Easily offended, Want to be good at what I enjoy doing( not necessarily the best, but at least good/decent ), Takes pride in being able to do things better than someone else.

    This is just me, personally. Doesn't go to all Leo's. Most of the things I feel, like the negatives, are instinct feelings. I can't really control what I feel and if I feel it I usually keep it to myself instead of boasting it aloud. Unless I'm talking with someone I feel comfortable talking to.

    Source(s): Sun Leo, Rising Capricorn, Moon Scorpio.
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