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I need to interview someone that is over the age of 60 for my ap environmental class?

Not hard questions at all. only 8 total. but i need them to be a little detailed.

1. How was life back then? is it different from today?

2. How did you travel? how far was it? how long did it take you?

3. Name something you hate doing back then? why?

4.How did you communicate? use of cell phones?

5. How was the education like? is it this intense as today?

6. what did you do for fun? favorite hobbies?

7. What were jobs you worked at? how much did you get paid?

8. How was technology like compare to today?


Thank you so much for your time!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    I am 58 going on 59 , so you'll have to lie ( just a bit )

    I was born and raised in Norwich in England , North and East from London about 120 miles .

    Life was very different back then , England was still struggling with the catastrophic effects the recent World War had had on the economy , and although rationing finally ended when I was very little , times were still rough .

    Much less choice of goods in the shops , no central heating in the houses , few people had motorcars , very few people went abroad to other countries .

    If you had to travel then locally it was the bus , further afield by train . There were a few long distance buses , but there were mostly only two lane highways , so journeys were very long - 4 hours by road to London , now it's only 2 hours .

    The worst bit was being not well off . My Dad was a Government service clerk in the ministry for Agriculture , my mum was a German refugee ( not good in 1950s England ) so there was no money to spare . We had to have secondhand clothes from Jumble sales for everyday use , which I didnt like , and there wasn't enough money for coal fires in every room , so we had to live in the dining room , with a lot of damp washing drying all the winter months ( no washing machines or tumble dryers then )

    As we didn't have so many clothes , nor the means to wash them , you generally only changed your clothes once a week .

    Bathing the same , once a week , the other six days a perfunctory wash in cold water from the washbasin .

    Not like now , Shower every day , sometimes twice in a day , clean clothes every day .

    Our bedrooms were upstairs and regularly the moisture you breathed out at night would be frozen to the inside of the window glass when morning came around .

    No Duvets / continental quilts back then , just ( rather musty and scratchy ) blankets and sheets .

    When the sheets wore through they were slashed down the middle and the old edges resewn together so they would last a little longer , but with a thick and uncomfortable seam down the centre .

    I think one house in our road had a telephone in it , we very seldom used the phone anyway because no-one we knew had one - you had to write letters , or for dire emergencies only , send a telegram .

    School was very primitive compared with now , the only information source was books , and some educational broadcasting on the radio .

    The teachers were not generally very well educated themselves either , few had been to University .

    TV only came in when I was a teenager , then there were only two channels , black and white pictures , and often so poor a signal you saw it through a snowstorm of interference .

    I remember seeing a few educational things on TV while at school , but much better were cinema type films they showed us , because those were colour .

    As I say , we didn't have much money , so the four of us children were put into the Scouts and the Guides , as that was cheap , got us away to places on camp , and was supposed to help us become good citizens . Hmmmm ......... , not sure that last bit worked , quite !

    When I was 16 I went out to work , and things had got much better , so we used to go to the cinema a lot , or there were music clubs in Norwich you could go to and meet real Girls ! ! ! So I did a lot of that .

    My first job was packing lids for tins in a factory , and I got £6 : 7s : 6d a week , before tax .

    The technology then was much cruder and more dangerous than today , but we didn't think anything of it because that was the best there was , and it was all better than what we remembered from a short time before .

    I remember the first satellite ever being launched , a thing the size of a football , Russian , called sputnik . Then the Russians put a Dog into space , her name was Laika . Then later the first cosmonaut ( = spaceman ) Yuri Gagarin . Then a few months later the Americans got just into Space with Commander Alan Shepherd .

    Then later on , Britains first communications satelite , Telstar .

    There was actually a pop tune made about that !

    All in all I am glad I am living in today -- much easier life . But if times ever did change for the worse ( and they so easily could ) , having lived the old way I could go back to harder living , which I am sure most people now would find very difficult to adapt to .

    Just have to hope it doesn't happen in my remaing time here !

    Hope that is some use to you .

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