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Help Creating "90's Style" Hip-Hop?

So, I make hip-hop beats as a hobby, and rap a little. I use Cubase, a Casio MIDI controller, and an AT2020 mic for vocals.

I prefer the more 90's sound that hip-hop had, and want to get it myself, but can't. I don't know if there was some specific synth(s) that gave it that sound, different effects, or what...

Does anyone have tips on how to get that "90's sound"?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Are you trying to make it sound more like the 90s sound of East Coast or West Coast?

    90s hip hop sampled a lot of jazz records, 70s funk, used analog systems, pianos, and 808 drum machines. The sound is easy to recognize, but I honestly do not know exactly what type of equipment they used.

    I recommend trying to listen to some 90s songs (from all sides of the US) to distinguish the sounds because 90s had a lot of styles of hip hop: horrorcore, alternative hip hop, hardcore hip hop, G-Funk, rap rock, NY style, hip hop/R&B, etc. I'm honestly also interested in how to produce 90s style hip hop.

    I've done my research and have ideas: MPC 2000XL(drum machine), any synthesizer, smooth pads, lots of bass, real keyboard/piano, etc.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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