do I put the oil treatment in with the car oil?


my oil light comes on after a while that I am driving then white smoke begins to run from the exhaust pipe my car begins to rattle and sooner or later it cuts off. I bought the stp oil treatment but im not sure on whether i should add it in with the oil that is currently in the oil tank or wait for my oil change.

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  • 9 years ago
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    add it to your oil, it's not going to do any good on your problem.

  • 9 years ago

    Why? What "oil treatment" are you using? What are you trying to accomplish? Have you heard the term "snake oil"? ? ? Modern, High quality motor oils have all the ingredients required for proper lubrication. The ONLY reason to use "oil treatments" is to lighten your wallet so that the vehicle does not work as hard. If you are using the correct oil that is recommended by the engine manufacturer, then "additives" are not necessary. If your owners manual calls for 5w-30 API SH grade oil and the oil meets or exceeds these specifications then additives are a total waste! Whatever the engine manufacturer recommends is what you should use. There are MANY who sell these "oil treatments" who will attack my statements, but they have a vested interest in selling these costly and profitable "miracles in a bottle"! I have 30-40 year old cars and motorcycles that I use a well known Super Premium Synthetic motor oil and nothing else. Unless there is a component or ingredient that is required by the engine and not supplied by the oil, then that oil is all that is all that is required. An exception might be when running an older engine using "modern" oil that contains little or no zinc phosphate, which is an EP additive required by engines that run "flat tappet" camshafts. Engines with "roller" tappets require little or no Zinc Phosphate or other EP additives. This is the main reason that roller cams were made "standard". The Zinc in the oil contaminates the catalytic converters and ruins them, so the zinc had to go!

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    9 years ago


    "Oil Treatment"


    Yes, it goes in with the *oil*.

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