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What should i be for Halloween?

Hii:) I'm 15 and there is going to be this dance at my school. The best costume wins. So I want something super original and cute, any ideas? :D

P.s. i was thinking marie antoinette?

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    yeah, i got sum. :)

    1) girl version of robin hood, green tunic,brown leggings,cape?

    2)tube dress and tights or leggings, paint your favorite type of soda's logo on it. (i wanted to be a coke can last year.)

    3) hawaiian girl

    4)cat stuck in a tree, put stuffed animal cat on your head, maybe by headband? buy some fake leafs from walmarrt or a craft store, wear a ggreen shirt under.

    5) candy bar

    Hope i helped, plz reply! :)

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    10 years ago

    a Zombie

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