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Anyone know some stupid wikipedia pages?

Like when Sarah Palin described how Paul Revere used bells and fired muskets to warn that the British were coming. So someone edited the page for Bell (instrument) stating: "Bell,, used by Paul Revere to warn us that the British were coming, the British were coming. USA! USA!" Of course that portion has been deleted.

But anyone know some weird or funny editing jobs on Wikipedia that are fake?


@John: lol it does! But now I feel dumb for even doing that XD

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  • 10 years ago
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    I tried to make an edit, but they didn't like it,'s because you have characteristics of an antidisestablishmentarian...hell...even if you were in an antidisestablishmentarianist party...i still would find it hard to believe that it's not considered a word...

  • serena
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    5 years ago

    Stupid Wikipedia

  • 10 years ago

    Not an editing job, but searching for "moist nugget" will lead you to the Mosin-Nagant rifle.

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