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Parts of Speech............?

IDK, for me finding the parts of speech is really hard, Is there any tips?

I want to know what part of speech these are in

The Waltz is form of ballroom dance that originated in Germany and Austria in the eighteenth century.

What parts of speech is "Ballroom" and "eighteenth.?

Johann Strauss was the most famous and, some say, the best composer of waltzes.

What part of speech is "composer" ?

He was born in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, in 1825.

What part of speech is "Vienna" and "capital".

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

1 Answer

  • 10 years ago
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    Ballroom is an adjective modifying dance

    Eighteenth is an adjective modifying century

    Composer is a noun (predicate nominative)

    Vienna is the object of the preposition "in" and a proper noun

    Capital is an adjective modifying city. If it had been used alone (without city), it would have been a noun.

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