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What happens if I pop positive for Valium as a nurse but prescription is from Mexico?

I use to take Xanax for anxiety. I was in Mexico had a panic attack i went to Md he gave me Valium. Dr is legal, crossed over with med and prescription. A day later I get drug screened at work the Drug officer states it's illegal since I didn't get drug in USA and tested positive for Valium. What is going to happen to my nursing license and job?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I am answering because I am a nurse and am interested in your question....however, it actually has nothing to do with travel to Mexico. It would be bet under the law and ethics get better answers. I think the person that told you that is full of himself. Ask him to show you that in writing. Valium is a legal medication , not an illegal drug. There is no law or regulation against a nurse taking valium. by prescription. CALL your state board and talk to someone there about it. I have know on 3 occasions, nurses who were stealing narcotics in the hospital...the hospital dismissed them...after a loooong time, but did nothing about their licenses...the hospitals do not want the negative P.R. CALL the state board of nursing, and get a lawyer...a mean one....if the hospital persists in this attitude.

  • Neerp
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    10 years ago

    It depends on their policies. If what the drug officer says is true about not getting the drugs in the US, then you have failed a drug test and could loose your job. If this happens, you need to appeal it, and if necessary consult with an attorney. Sue them in a court of law if necessary so that you don't loose your nursing license.

    I think what you did was just fine, but you probably need to talk to a lawyer familiar with the laws about prescriptions filled in Mexico. Don't lie down and take what ever they dish out - fight back.

  • 10 years ago

    Have you received a formal notification of any kind? Do you have a record of the doctor that you visited in Mexico as well as the prescription? If not, KYAGB.

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