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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 10 years ago

what happened here? What can i do?

I met this guy at the beginning of the year, he used to talk to me everyday even thought we never saw each other. as soon as we started hanging out, he stopped talking to me as much even though when we would see each other, we'd always end up cuddling and he even tried to kiss me a few times, but i was too shy and kind of ignored it :P i haven't seen him in a while because we've both been away and he very rarely talks to me :P im too scared to start a conversation because i dotn want to bother him.. ahh , how can i jsut get over him ??

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hi Nyan Cat, I don't really think there is much to get over, it seems to me that your talking was dropping off. You wouldn't even give the guy a kiss, so I think after that he wasn't too interested. I'm not quite sure why you're so interested in him, evidently you must have some feeling for him. If you have then you need to talk, I don't think he's going to start a conversation, so it's down to you. If you like him enough to talk to him then I guess you should try. But if I were you I'd be looking at other guys for I don't really see a future with him. And that's the best way to get over him, just find another guy.

    I wish you happiness.

    Source(s): Myself
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