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htxx2 asked in PetsOther - Pets · 10 years ago

Help My horses hock keeps twisting ?

I have a 15hh TB she is 10. Iv brought her last year and couple of months after I got her I noticed that when she walked on her hind leg her hock kept poking out to the side mostly on soft ground and sometimes on hard, I then studdied it and noticed that her hoof turned inwards and her hock turn outward ( if u can picture this)

I left it for couple of weeks as she was in no pain no heat or swelling she was still weight bearing if anything she was putting all her weight on this leg and if you looked at her from behind her back end looked like it was leaning over to that side to the point that if you pushed her bum she would go over on it ( I did this and she didn't stumble or anything) iv checked her other leg and no pain heat or swelling in that 1 either and no limping or trying to avoid walking on it. It's really weird. Anyway it went away on it's own last year but now it's back again, the back lady is coming tomorrow but if it's not her back I'm getting the vet.

Just wanted to see if anyone els had Had seen or heard of this problem before?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You should call your vet, since it may just need a bandage, or a surgery for soundess

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