Need help building a wooden carport.?

I have a detached garage currently and there is a space next to it to add a carport as I have 2 vehicles. I'd appreciate some help on how to build one. I am not sure if I should attach it to the detached concrete garage or if I should make it free standing next to it. I am trying to do this as inexpensive as possible. Thanks to any of you that can guide me.

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  • XTX
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    8 years ago
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    ===== please use the search box and enter """ building a carport """ this will give you some results that will be helpful to you and proven plans .... the hardware giants have "" joist hangers """ that you can attach with ""dry wall screws"" [[ they don't rust and drive well with your phillips bit ]] options for roofing are covered in those search results ..... to me it would be good to use iron pipe for supports and you would want to bury them 2 feet and sakcrete around ...... stick a pvc pipe out thru the existing garage for a light above the new carport ..... the cheapest way out for a foundation will be to make two brick runners for NOW ... perhaps later you can get a concrete floor and for now pay attention to the water drainage of the carport roof ............

  • John M
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    8 years ago

    If you can get at the top of the concrete block wall to rest the rafters of the carport roof on that wall, you'll save some money on materials. Just nail the rafters to the existing ones. You'll need to cut a slot in the roof sheathing to get the angle you need to have it high enough on the other side. If you are going with a gravel surface inside the carport to keep costs down, just sink some 4x4 posts below the frost line and fill the hole around the 4x4 with concrete. Set the posts on some gravel in the bottom of the hole and brace them plumb until the concrete sets up. I mix it with water right in the hole, then let it sit a while and come back and make it slope away from the post before it hardens completely.

    then tie the posts together with your framing lumber, big enough to carry the weight of the roof. Use the inexpensive hanger hardware you can get at a lumber yard to provide some extra strength to the set up, especially if you live in tornado or hurricane country

  • 8 years ago

    If one edge/side of the carport can be attached to the garage, then you'll have one good anchorage on that side, and you can put more $$ and material into making the support for the opposite edge, to make the structure less vulnerable to the wind. (i.e. strong posts anchored into deep concrete posts, with everything tied together using steel brackets, lag screws and/or carriage bolts, etc.)

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