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need help with math!!! ASAP! :)?

combine like terms ?

1.2x+4y2 - 6y2 - 9 + x -1 +3x

2. 20+ 3xy -(3xy +y2 )+ 10 -y2

sorry , i did some of them but i really need help! .


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  • 10 years ago
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    This is what I come up with... Though is is a bit difficult to understand the way the problems are written. I'm assuming that many of those 2's are meant to be exponents, in which case you would put a ^ symbol in between the term and its exponent. Example:

    4y^2 (Which means 4y raised to the second power or "squared")

    Anyway heres what I got:

    1) 6x-2y^2-10 (Which is 6x - 2y(squared) - 10)

    2) -2y^2+30

  • 10 years ago

    take all the subtraction and negative signs and switch them to addition and positives. then take the numbers with letters and put them together. and put the plain numbers with each other and the leave any loners out(a loner is something that does not have any matches)

    add the numbers you get together for example your number 1 problem

    (2x+3+9x=14x 4y2+6y2=10y2 + 1)

    your answer would be 14x + 1-y2 +1 because the answers cant add because they dont match

  • 10 years ago

    1) 2x + 4y^2 - 6y^2 - 9 + x - 1 + 3x ===> (4y^2 - 6y^2) + (2x + x + 3x) + (-9 - 1) ===> -2y^2 + 6x - 10

    2) 20 + 3xy - 3xy - 2y + 10 - y^2 ===> -y^2 - 2y+ 30

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    10 years ago



    20+3xy-(3xy+y^2 )+10-y^2



    Hope this helps!

  • 10 years ago

    1. 6x -2y2-10

    2.30-2y2 b/c the negative sign gets distributed

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