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? asked in Social ScienceDream Interpretation · 10 years ago

Am I predicting the future through my dreams?

Hello, I am a 15 years old and for the past few days I have been having dreams about earthquakes. They were all pretty blurry except for one I had two nights ago. In my dream I was in a house that I've never seen before and there was a lady with me but she didn't have a face. I was in the kitchen when the earthquake hit, and I remember seeing things falling off of the shelves and bookcases and breaking. The lady next to me the said "I don't know what's happening, we don't get earthquakes here!" Then the dream was over. It was amazing how detailed it was, I have never had a dream like that before. So today when I turn on the news I see that there were two large earthquakes in Colorado AND Virginia, two places where they usually DON'T have earthquakes. It could just be coincidence but this isn't the first time this has happened. A few months ago, I had a dream that our school gym caught on fire and the roof was crumbling to the ground. Two days later, the heating system or whatever it's called caught on fire. It wasn't very bad and no one was hurt, but it still made me wonder. Most of the time, I just have dreams about situation and it usually happens in real life. This happens quite frequently, I would say at least once a week. I told my mom about it and she says she said that it might be because I'm pretty much full Native American (my dad is full Native American and my mom is native american too but she is part white because of her mom.) But quite honestly I don't think that has anything to do with it. I have read things about people with psychic abilities and how they are demonic or have help from Satan. I'm Catholic, and I certainly do not want to be having these kinds of dreams if that's the case. So am I predicting the future through my dreams, or is it just mere coincidence? PLEASE don't be rude, even though I know I sound like I'm a lunatic, I'm not. Thanks!

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    No worries, Jenna. You don't sound like a lunatic at all. Whether your dreams predict the future or not? It's very unlikely, but you'll have to wait and see.

    Right away, I recommend that you begin keeping a detailed dream journal. That is one of the very few ways to determine whether your dreams really are predicting the future. You must date each entry and include as much detail as possible. Then when something such as today's earthquake occurs, you will have a written, dated record to verify exactly what was and was not included in your dream.

    The problem is that our minds are prone to error. We see something and suddenly feel absolutely certain that we saw that exact same thing in a dream. Yet that's usually a trick of the mind. So a dream journal is absolutely essential. You need to be very tough with yourself, and very accurate in order to be able to say truthfully that your dreams foretell the future.

    Your dream about an earthquake is a perfect example. You say you had it "two days ago." That is not precise - was it Saturday night or Sunday night? You are in the kitchen of a house you don't recognize with a faceless woman. Things are falling off shelves, and the lady says something about earthquakes not happening here.

    The difficulty is that there is nothing at all in the dream to pinpoint a location. The kitchen and house might be anywhere. The woman is unidentifiable, which in dreams suggests that she is a part of yourself. More importantly, the detail about items falling off shelves sounds suspiciously similar to news reports following the Colorado quake. So right away the question is whether you might have dreamt this AFTER hearing about that first earthquake. And there is nothing at all to suggest any foreshadowing of today's Virginia quake.

    Again, when you dreamt of a fire at your school gym, on examination your dream does not resemble the actual event. Nothing crumbled to the ground in reality. In order to be predictive, a dream needs to present identifiable, accurate information that forecasts the actual event, and these dream do not meet that criteria.

    We know that every person has several dreams every night. Across North America, that amounts to millions of people with many, many millions of dreams. If a tiny fraction of those dreams concern earthquakes, the odds are 100% that somebody, somewhere, will dream about an earthquake just before an actual earthquake occurs. That is coincidence.

    BUT - I do urge you, absolutely, to start keeping a really accurate, detailed dream journal. Then when you DO predict a major event, there will no longer be any room for doubt.

    Oh, one last note - please don't use your real name on open websites like this one. It just isn't safe. Protect your identity by choosing a fun profile name. Safety first!

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    Sorry I couldn't read the whole thing but this is possible.. I had a dream about riots which happend in London And it came true.. Also my bf cheated on me and I found out in my dream LOL.. There is possibility of seeing the future.. These are due to a strong sixth sense??

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