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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsOther - Family & Relationships · 10 years ago

please help 10points,i am really needing advice,my BF broke up with me and we agreed on being friends?

okay dont judgge

i did something pretty bad and my bf broke up with me..he says he forgives me and everyone makes mistakes...he said i have no choice but to move on cause he means what he says and that he cant and doesnt wanna be with me.

im EXPECTING.. and yes its his and he knows about it and he said we can compromise and maybe get back together IF im prego.

when we were together we always slept on the phone. the night he broke up with me he called me back.. and asked did i want to sleep on the phone..isaid yes..

the next day well night he txtd me asking how was my day and what i was doin..we txtd for a little while. then a few hours later he called NO arguements or anything. we got along fine. we were both bored so he said ima be going to sleep shortly are we sleeping on the phone...i STILL wanna be close to him and i WANT TO GET HIM i said yes...

last night he didnt call me but early this morning he did and asked if i was still in bed..isaid yes he said okay go back to sleep..we'll stay on the we both tried to go to sleep but it didnt happen..

we were on the phone for nearly an hour..while on the phone he said he loved me twice...he asked me do i still think about him...and he told me he wish he could hold me....

iasked him did he still think about me he said yes also.

i cut him short I ended the phone call this time. i said i was going chill with my mom at her job. he said alright i said bye and hung up. should i cut him short well not give him i guess ''alot of attention''

THE REASON I CUT HIM SHORT AND WANT TO CUT HIM SHORT FOR MAYBE 1 WEEK OR for him to miss me.. i heard if you cut them off and act like everything okay that makes them want you back

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    me and my boy friend were like that for a while but i wasnt prego or anything like that . but, i think you guys shouldn't be friends cause it's hard to be just friends when you love that person. i know from expierence . but no do not cut him short or anything like that . cause i tryed that before and he took it as me wanting my space. but i think you guys should just hook up again . tell him you learned from your mistake you did if he broke up with you for that. and if you want him to miss you, he basically is already if you in his thoughts and he keeps calling . but just talk about the good\fun memories you guys had together and remind him why he loves you.

    oh and just to let you know some one put the same exact story of yours & put it under " matbe i have another chance with him" and some other stuff and yeauh fyi .

  • 10 years ago

    First you need to decided whether you want to be with him or not.

    Second, if so then quit the games and just go for it. Pushing him away isn't going to bring him closer. He sounds like he really loves you and want to be with you. It sounds like you are the one playing with his heart. Just be with him. You two cant be friends.

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