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please help could i be pregnant?

okay well im 19 and i just met this guy about 3 months ago, i was still a virgin and told him that when we met. never kissed or had a bf before i was very new and inexperienced. well we started hanging out more and he took me to the lake to watch the stars well he started touching me and i giggled but i said it was ok. we kissed a little then he got on top and took his pants off i said stop what are you doing and he said just relax, he pulled my legs up and it hurt really bad then he went in me i said no not tonite it hurts and he said if i would just relax it wouldnt then he went in me again then ejaculated but pulled out but he said he wasn't sure if some went in or not. i didn't feel anything but pain, and it lasted literally 83 seconds it all happened sooo fast and i stopped taking my birth control and he didn't wear a condom could i be pregnant?? if so what should i do? i dont want to be pregnant but dont believe in abortion or adoption, what should i do i pray im not. thanks


it happened 5 days ago and hes my bf we just started dating but now i think i might reconsider bf status, now more like ex it really scared me and i didnt like it at all and now i may be pregnant i also feel like im pregnant but im not sure if thats just me worrying about it. i honestly cant wait to see if i get my period.

Update 2:

and i never said he raped me but i did say no serveral times. i did want to have sex to loose my virgin status but not at that time

6 Answers

  • 10 years ago

    If this is true, he raped you. You could have consented at first even, but changed your mind in the middle of it, and if he didnt stop, it would be rape even then. You need to go to the authorities. This is a serious matter so don't just blow it off because he obviously doesn't respect you.

    As for the pregnancy, it's slightly possible you could be, but just take a test at the doctors while you are there being checked for the rape, which is I'm sure is one of the things they check for anyway during that process.

  • 10 years ago

    UMMM he raped you and you need to go to the police. While your there get a rape kit. Sue his @SS.

    You could possibly be pregnant. Have it an give it up for adoption. It was not your fault. You were the victim or rape. He raped you and you need to go to the police, and report him.

    I think your in denial, he raped you, even if you don't fully understand what happened. He raped you.

    He should not be your boyfriend.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes you were raped and could be pregnant. You need to call the authorities and be seen by your doctor.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It's possible, I think.

    And if you are, you should give it up for adoption becaue if you don't want t, then you don't want it.

    And it's not your killing it, you're giving it a better life.

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  • ok you said NO to him??? if it was me i wouldve fight for my life,it didnt seem that you put up a fight,,,im confuse you try to make it seem like he rape you??i really do not believe your little story,,,

  • 10 years ago

    How long ago did this happen?

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