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Jpb asked in Business & FinanceCredit · 10 years ago

what is the likeliness of being approved for student credit card?

I'm nervous to apply for my first credit card, I applied back when I was 19 and was denied. I now know the reasoning behind it was because the Credit Laws had changed and I was not 21 yet, but now I currently have student loans and a forced car loan under my name (car was totaled in accident and due to economy my parents credit had been ruined) although its only $5,000 and change; I'm still weary of applying, seeing as I don't want the inquiry on my credit report and then be declined like I have in the past. Its been over a year since I last applied and I've been making consecutive on-time payments on my car loan for a year and a half now. As far as my student loans they are deferred till I graduate. Will these circumstances affect my being approved for a student credit card, if so what can I do to acquire a credit card for school necessities I can't otherwise afford during the grace period between student loan disbursements? Also which card company is the best card for college students and is most likely to approve a part-time college student?

FYI: Currently to the best of my knowledge my credit scores range for the low 600's to 630's with all payments made on-time and no delinquencies, however the dealership I purchased my car from made several inquiries without notifying me first (hopefully they see that they were made all within a day or two of each other)


I guess I should of stated this but I have had a job for about a year and a half

Update 2:

^^the same job

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  • 10 years ago
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    You might try Discover card. They have a Student Credit Card.

    But Huntsman is right. You need a job and the ability to pay.

  • 10 years ago

    You need a job for one year to get a credit card.

    Along with sufficient income to qualify for the card

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