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Is it normal for there to be East Coast earthquakes like the one today?

today there was a earthquake in virginia, according to yahoo news. I know it isn't common over there, but has this happened before in recent years? i'm kind of freaked out because people keep talking about how there has been 3 earthquakes today or something.

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    10 years ago
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    Yes, and no. Earthquakes are actually more common in Virginia than we get credit for- it's just that they're really small over here and nobody really notices them. We get a few every year in the Central Virginia Seismic Zone. BUT we don't typically get them this big. This was the biggest one we've had in Virginia since we started measuring quakes here, and these are rated as once-in-century or so (possibly longer) events- very exciting!

    And no need to worry about the frequency of earthquakes, there haven't really been any more lately than are typical, it's just that the ones that have happened are getting more attention or are more unusual.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Absolutly widely used. the full earth is made from 'Plates' and those 'Plates' are in consistent sluggish action, placing tension on one yet another. at last, the stress will become plenty that one 'slips' and motives an earthquake. frequently, one slips up over the different or visa versa. a reliable occasion of it extremely is MOUNTAINS. Mountains are a consequence of plate techtonics. via the years and years of those plates pushing over one yet another, the land particularly RISES turning out to be Mountains. And lo and behold, what have we right here interior the excellent North? MOUNTAINS! Which, if seen logically, might recommend Plate interest. in actual certainty we've MANY earthquakes a 12 months on the east coast in basic terms they are so minor we don't sense them. there are various web content which would be sure that. in certainty i think I observed the day before in the present day on the information that Virgina by myself has had 50 this 12 months. Their final considerable earthquake replaced into 1887 or some thing like that. So confident, it does ensue. It basically hasn't got here approximately in our existence time as far because of the fact the tip of the worldwide....they have been predicting the tip of the worldwide because of the fact the worldwide began. i do no longer comprehend why all people is often in a rush to place an end to each thing. the way I see it, what extra efficient thank you to regulate a inhabitants then with worry. And its elementary to worry some thing that would ensue and that no you are able to say for particular won't. As for me, nicely, i will choose Nostradamus, he predicts the tip of the worldwide is a few time around the 12 months 7459 or some thing. i would be long lifeless and fertilizer via then. And besides, it extremely is the use traumatic over some thing you have no longer any administration over? stay each and every day like its your final and luxuriate in it. this way, whether the tip of the worldwide does come, and doubtless your no longer Raptured, a minimum of you are able to say you enjoyed your sinful existence. :)

  • ?
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    10 years ago

    I just heard it myself its creepy. Its the frist one I heard of this happening in many years

  • 10 years ago

    it was actually centered in Washington

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