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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesOther - United States · 10 years ago

Hispanic living in England but moving to the u.s?

I'm 13 (girl) I'm cuban I moved to England when I was 5 and I live in the south of England, I'm moving to the u.s because of my step dads job (he's english) Were moving to maryland.And basically my question is I have a proper English accent lol.. and i'm worried that I might get picked on and also that when I tell people i'm from cuba I don't know how they would react. And also what is high-school like are there social groups like on films like mean girls etc.. i'm not stereotyping i'm just curious.And are there many minority's there? Because i'm hispanic(white) so will I seem different? and if you are from maryland or have been what are the people like there? climate basically some other stuff that I should know do or don't do it would really help alot :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    1. No one will really judge you on the fact that you're from Cuba and have a British accent, though they may be curious. Everyone thinks British accents are awesome here!!

    2. There are some cliquish type people just as there probably are in England but they do not in any means make up the majority of the students here. Not even a quarter.

    3. Yes, there are minorities here... We're the most racially diverse country in the world. No, since you're white you will not be a minority or seem that different. You won't encounter many west Asians like you do in England as Maryland is more white/black.

    4. People in Maryland are like people anywhere. Some are nice and some aren't. Just like most places, if you are nice people will return the favor.

    5. Expect cool winters with some snow and rain, and VERY hot, humid summers. Spring and fall are comfortable, but you're probably not accustomed to the heat there, being from England. Also expect to find sunnier days.

    6. Hmm, what else should you know..? Well, you shouldn't diss Christianity especially in a state like Maryland and also, don't go looking for trouble, walking around in a bad neighborhood which I assume you already know. But, if you're living around Baltimore, bad neighborhoods do mean BAD neighborhoods. Otherwise just use common sense and treat people how you want to be treated.

    Source(s): Junior in HS
  • 10 years ago

    You certainly wont get picked on for your accent - Americans love a bit of British.

    Generally the girl in the US are less mature than in the UK, and I doubt that 13 year olds are going to care that you come from Cuba.

    Make sure you are confident, wear lots of makeup and have fun!!

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