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Dragging dates in Microsoft Excel...?

You know how you can drag a date and it will automatically fill out a column? Well is there a way to have those dates skip five or so lines in between automatically?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    The easiest way is to type the first date into a cell, then the next date in the series into the cell below that. Select both cells at the same time and then use the autofill handle to drag them down. This will fill the series with the same gap between dates as the first two cells.

    Hope it helps.

    UPDATE - sorry, read the question wrong! If you leave the top four cells in the column empty, then type the date you want to start with in row 5. Select the top five cells (the four empty and one date cell), then use the autofill handle to drag down.

    Hope it helps.

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