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I have call of duty black ops on ps3 can i download the new zombie maps to my android and then plug in my and?

Can some one help and exsplane a way to get the maps on my ps3 I don't have wi fi near my ps3

1 Answer

  • 10 years ago

    get a xbox u could do it online is easy but android mmm maybe u could but i dont recomended u to download nothing from ps3 is a lot of hackers they stealth a lot of credit cards numbers to the ps3 users if i was u i wouldnt try to download nothing the psn dont fix the problem remember is free what u spect from a free network hackers n no security staffs so dont do it they will hack ur account like they did to 80,000 ppl u pay for the xbox live but theirs not a lot of hackers coz they get ban n xbox live is more secure they make it even more secure then before :)

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