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A problem with picking up my GCSE results?

I'm being admitted into a psychiatric hospital tomorrow and this has been quite a nuisance with the timing because I'm supposed to picking my exam results up from my school on thursday.... how do I get them, my mum could go and get them for me, but would I have to write a letter or so... what would i write on the letter? x

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  • Pingu
    Lv 6
    10 years ago
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    I have a friend who's on holiday in America and his Mum's just gonna go in and collect it for him. I don't think you'd even need a letter or anything, but write one if you want. Just say "I give my mother permission to collect my exam results" and sign it? (:

  • garton
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    no longer on the comparable day yet whilst the 300 and sixty 5 days 10s have taken actual GCSE exams they're going to obtain a brown envelope containing the outcomes for the examination they have taken, the lecturers provide help to comprehend once you will obtain the outcomes. In 3 hundred and sixty 5 days 10 I took my English language, Maths, historic previous, Sociology (one million/2) and technology actual GSCE exams, I gained the outcomes at fairly some situations generally around 3 months after sitting the examination.

  • Cath
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    You can collect them at anytime - even when you get back to school, but if you can't wait. Your mum or a legal guardian can go in and collect it for you. She will need ID and I think a letter from you would work. Good Luck. Going in on Thursday too >.<

  • 10 years ago

    its okay... you can pick your result from your school anytime you want.. i have also given O and A level exams.. and the school will have your certificates until you get it from them. its safe with the school. i don't know about your school policy but in my school they don't give the certificates to anyone else other then the student.. and u dont have to write any letter..

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