How much child support can be missed before driver's license is suspended?

My child's father and I have always gotten along. BUT he has never purchased our 2 year old daughter anything, not even a baby doll. He comes to get her maybe 3-4 times a month. They sit at his parent's home and watch Dora for 5 hours (seriously) and then he brings her back. I have him on child support. He's in the Navy Reserve. He has paid April and May 2011, but he is behind 6 months. I found out about DL suspension 2 weeks ago and texted it to him. He doesn't care.

I live in the state of Arkansas, driver's license is suspended for none payment.

How much in "debt" before they do so?



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    10 years ago
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    No it is not a law there or in any other state. The law is that he must appear in court to explain why he is in arrears. If he does not, or the reasons are not sufficient, than the license can be suspended. If it was legal to punish someone for a debt, than imagine doing that for all debt?

    Source(s): For 22 years, I have volunteered my time working with divorced and single fathers dealing in family law issues, most especially child support issues along with what the states are not teaching support obligors. ♂♀
  • 10 years ago

    Missing child support and having a drivers license are not related. He can owe tens of thousands of dollars and still have a valid drivers license. What exactly are you asking?

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