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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesPoetry · 10 years ago

Could someone write a poem for me? ?

A poem about a girl who is in love with her best friend's boyfriend. The boyfriend also happens to be a friend of hers. She would never do something to betray the best friend but she knows that the friend is falling out of love with the boy again. She worries for the boy because he was hurt the last time they broke up and she knows that he will get hurt even more this time.

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    Lost and Found Love

    In the day Love was found. In the night Love was lost. Through the times, days and nights love was distraught. With this I fought. By day it was the fine; it was the friend. By night it was wrong, the best friend. The Sun Shined. The Moon glittered. I couldn't hear my heart. It was being torn apart. The answer I had to find. I was losing my mind, which told me, "To love too much is wrong. To love too many is not right. To love none is mine. To appreciate is what I find."

  • 10 years ago

    I gaze as you wander by

    just out of reach

    am i invisible to you?

    can you not hear me speak?

    as i fight jealousy's sick control

    i wonder whats in your mind

    i am invisible to you

    though you see me all the time

    Aching from these words unspoken

    dreaming of you all the time

    but you have chosen her more worthy

    as she breaks you and mistreats you

    would u not rather be mine?

    I fight with my emotions

    but not ashamed by what i feel

    wishing i could see the future

    wondering what is real

    i wish i could save you

    from your close at hand fate

    but two loves of mine could be lost

    oh this love triangle

    and loves twisted game

  • 10 years ago

    I could save you if you let me

    And I'll do it because I care

    I can save you, set you free

    Spare you the pain of going there

    There to the place of betrayal and deceit

    Cast all your cares down at my feet

    I can save you from all of love's harms

    If you just let go

    And release your lover into my arms

    Title it BFF or something like that. & Good Luck

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