Medical School without BS or MCAT?

Can we study Medicine in other countries with no BS or MCAT at a cheaper price?

I am an American and finished High School. I want to study medicine in other countries with no requirements of BS degree or MCAT and at a cheaper price. US needs 8 or 9 or 10 years to get the medical degree. MCAT is a terribly difficult exam. I do not want to waste my time in unnecessary BS.

What is the best possible and easy way for an American student to become a doctor at a lower price ?

I heard some other countries are giving medical courses at a cheaper prices.

Are they really valid in US or Canada ? Is really BS is a waste of time then ? Please enlighten me.

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    There are possibilities to study medicine in other countries without BS degree or MCAT and at a low cost. Some American consultants are offering those I know of.

    The degrees are valid degrees as long as they are from Medical schools listed on WHO and recognized by USMLE and ECFMG. There is no problem.

    My friends and I went thru one organization of Doctors in USA called American Dream Abroad. USA Phone: 248-419-0284.

    We are studying in other countries thru these doctors. They did what they said.

    My friends and myself are happy as they guided us to prestigious universities, which are recognized by WHO, ECFMG and USMLE. We are thankful. Our seniors, who went thru this organization got their medical degrees and doing their internship and residency in USA. This company have affiliation with different associations of doctors. They also have affiliation with Kaplan for USMLE preparation courses and we are getting discounted price for USMLE prep. They trained our seniors for interviews for residencies in the past years. Our seniors rounded with consultant doctors associated with this organization. The doctors are sincere in teaching in their permissible time frame. Of course we know - they have to take care of their patients too. Our seniors got recommendation letters from them when they applied for residencies. They are doing their residencies in US.

    So you can happily go to other countries to do medical school. The USMLE exam is the same for ANY ONE - whether one studies in American medical school or International medical school.

    Of course you need to get higher scores to get residencies.

    If you do not have BS degree, MCAT you can not even apply to US medical school. You will never become a doctor in America and may end up doing 8$ or 10$ job in America all your life. If you do not have HIGH GPA (or percentage of marks) in BS degree and HIGH SCORES on MCAT you 'll never get admission in US medical schools. If you can not afford the exorbitant pricing of US Medical Schools what else you can do if you want to become a doctor ? Better get out of US. You can practice in different countries if you are a doctor and even in US. Even if you do not do residency you can, as a doctor, work in different health care organizations. eg: Universities, Pharm companies, World medical/ health organizations, Medical Research labs etc so many opportunities. You can teach in medical schools in Basic medical sciences in US and abroad.

    So our advice is get out of US and go to Asian countries like India, China etc or any where else.

    Do not waste your time in US particularly if you can not afford US medical education and you do not

    have high GPA in BS degree and high Scores on MCAT. Do not kill your dream. You can take the help of all those doctors above and go to other countries. You will be a doctor to the world.

    Yes, you can go to Medical School without BS or MCAT

    Source(s): Dr Jaspreet Kaur, MD Dr Manisha Patel, MD Dr Fatima K, MD Ph: 248-419-0284
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    Medical School Without Mcat

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    Mcat Australia

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    Anyway... to answer the original post...

    You can. You can also basically kiss your chances of ever practicing in the USA goodbye. Especially being an American citizen studying abroad.

    The best way to become a doctor at a lower price is to do well in college and on your MCAT and maximize your chances of getting accepted into your home state's public medical school.

    It's hilarious that someone who wants to go into medicine won't suck it up and take a standardized test. If you can't do that, what really makes you think that you can make it through medical school and be a competent physician in the USA? (and I want to put an emphasis on the word "competent"). The USMLE is tougher than the MCAT and you need to pass all the steps if you want to practice in the USA. You will not get away from standardized exams. Suck it up, go to college, take the MCAT. The rest of us wanted to become doctors badly enough to do all this, and if you want it badly enough, you will too. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

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    I have been in medical field for long time and I have many doctor friends, who did medicine in other countries and US. Some went to India after their 12th grade to medical school. They finished there, came back to US, did USMLE and residency and practicing in US. For example- one in Jackson ville, FL, another in Rochester, NY etc. A few went to China. They are near Chicago, IL. These doctors went thru the consultants www.American Dream (ADA). ADA made them attend the clinical rotations as students in those countries which are free in University hospitals there. Later ADA made them do rotations in US hospitals too as interns. They all are practicing now in USA. Some in residencies. Some went to caribbean islands after BS and MCAT. A few did in USA. I don't know why we in America are made to waste our time learning Calculus, Geography, History etc in BS degree instead of learning medicine as in some other countries. The patients don't ask the doctors about world history and don't do math, right ? Precious youthful years were lost/ wasted for all US students and young minds in under grad colleges in our country. According to ECFMG statistics nearly 27%~30% of foreign doctors in America studied in India. Some more from many other from Asian countries like China, Philippines etc. 2- 3% of the foreign doctors are from caribbean schools as per ECFMG statistics. These carib island schools do not have any hospitals and are very costly. Some of the private schools closed abruptly. carib students pay a lot for rotations in other countries. The hands on experience is minimal for caribbean students as they go to mostly to single doctor clinics in other countries for rotations. Naturally those busy practicing doctors teach these carib students minimal as they are busy with their practice (otherwise patients will sue them in the court) and the practicing doctors are not teachers and were not trained to be professors and do not have a teaching plan. Any way coming to your question it is possible to do medicine without BS and MCAT. For details you may call the consultants above. Also medicine can be done at a very cheaper price and shorter time. The degrees are well recognized in US for long years ~80 to 120 years-- by the American board (ECFMG) and the foreign doctors are eligible to take USMLE to get into residency in America and also in UK, India, Canada, Australia etc. MCAT is a terrible exam - a night mare, I agree. Many people believe BS is a waste of time. You can avoid both.

    Source(s): personal experience and many friends, who studied in foreign medical schools.
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