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What do you think about this.....?

Ok so I am 20 weeks (according to my Dr, 21w according to my recent 21w US) either way...I just had my 20 week ultrasound done at a reputible imaging center where I live, associated with the hospital here. The tech spent about 45 minutes with me taking all her measurements, but in the end said the baby's legs were crossed and the umbilical cord was in the way so she couldnt tell the sex. However, she did say that she didnt note any "dangling parts" but she couldnt confirm it was a girl...of course I was a little disapointed, but fortunately enough my OB is the type of doctor that does frequent ultrasounds, so I figured he could tell me in a couple weeks at my next apt. WELL, apparently it is not his "policy" to do gender determination. He can very well tell on the machine he uses, but he does not tell his patients bc he does not feel it is important. (words directly out of his receptionist's mouth..) so THEN I got a little peeved. Of course, my insurance (tricare) only pays for one ultrasound after that its out of pocket (is anyone else's insurance like this?) So I was basically told from the imaging center AND my dr office that if it was "that important to me" I would have to pay for another one. Totally disgruntled with the way things were going I made the decision to go to a 3d/4d imaging place..kind of like a photography studio but with registered sonographers. Before hand I walked around my neighborhood, ate some food yata yata, anything I could do to get the baby to move around. When we went there (called First Fetal Photos, absolutely amazing place!) the RDMS (registered sonographer) was able to confirm it was a girl. :))) but of COURSE, being the way I am, I was skeptical. I know that if I were to have left the original imaging center knowing it was a girl, id be confident in their findings. But because I went to this different kind of place, I'm scared she was wrong :/ I know mistakes happen and its never 100% what they say anyways. but the woman claimed to have 30 years experience and she was actually the owner. So I'm wondering how many women are told the gender of their baby through places like this? Does everyone get told at a reputible imaging center, dr's office or hospital? Or is it common to go to 3d imaging places like this to find out? any answers would help! thanks mamas!

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    Doctors generally do not tell you the gender unless it's obvious, we had to go to a 3d/4d place to find out the gender, ours had a policy if she was wrong she would give you your money back, the last thing on the doctors mind is the babies sex, if the baby isn't spread eagle when they are doing the ultrasound they arnt gonna fidget with it, you just wont find out, standard practice, lots of women go to 3d/4d ultrasound places to find out, i talked to the woman who did mine, my daughter was being stubborn we had to go back three seperate times to find out if she was a girl or not, and she said, 90% of her buisness is gender determination, no reason to get angry at your doctor, he/she doesnt have time to mess with gender...

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    Of course tricare only covers one ultrasound during the whole pregnancy unless there's something wrong or something that causes concerns, knowing the baby's gender isn't necessary at all, but they will tell you the gender if it's visible however they don't have to. The ultrasound done around 20wks it's called an Anatomy ultrasound it's to see how the baby is developing and so on, it isn't to tell you the gender so if they can't tell and you want to know you will have to pay out of your pocket.

    No matter what OB/Midwife you go to if there aren't any concerns and your insurance doesn't cover an ultrasound you will have to pay out of your pocket for it, how do I know? I have tricare prime, but unlike you I've had to have 5 ultrasounds due to concerns, I also had all my ultrasounds done at a Military Hospital.

    That being said a 3D/4D ultrasound gives a clearer view so they are more accurate than a 2D ultrasound but still it isn't 100% accurate, and if the tech has so many years of experience is more likely to be right.

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    I think if you have enough money to shell out for all these ultrasounds that are not necessary, you do NOT need to be on Tricare. Stop abusing the system. The ultrasounds are to make sure the baby is healthy and growing properly, not to tell you the sex of your baby.

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    your doctor and the first scheduled ultrasound that is covered by medical, aren't actually supposed to tell you the gender of the baby. if they do then great if they don't then they don't care. but i was fortunate enough to have them tell me i'm having a girl. when i first went to the ultra sound she told me she wasn't obligated to tell me but when i went to get the rest of my pictures the lady there said she was sure that i'm having a girl. it depends on where you live also if they'll tell you or not because some people once some people find out the gender if it's not the gender they want they get an abortion. so really it depends on where you live.

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