Laptop charger wont charge battery?

When my charger is plugged in, the laptop will work off ac power. However it doesn't charge the battery, so the second the charger is removed from the charger jack the laptop now instantly goes dead. To top it all off the connection is loose, so the charger could easily fall out of the jack and I lose all my work :( :( Any ideas on what the problem is and any solutions?? Thanks! :)

Its a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop by the way.

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    8 years ago
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    I have the same problem, i just stick it in with duct tape :)

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    8 years ago

    Few things are as frustrating in life as having your laptop battery die when you're out and about. One of these things is the discovery that your battery no longer charges when connected to the AC adapter. The reason behind this could be attributed to a number of different causes, each necessitating a specific solution. To determine where the problem lies, try a few troubleshooting steps to narrow down the actual culprit.

    Give It Time

    It sounds like an obvious suggestion, but try giving the battery some time to charge. Sometimes it may not seem like much is happening when you plug your AC adapter in, but it can take time to charge a battery with low power. Give it at least two hours to charge and then check the status. If there is no change in the power indicator, you know you have a charging problem.

    Check the AC Adapter

    Check to make sure the adapter is plugged securely into the wall outlet, connected firmly to the adapter box and to the back of your laptop. Most AC adapters have a little light in them -- on that rectangular box in the middle of the cord -- that lights up when it's getting electricity. If that light isn't on, try a different outlet. Check your fuse or circuit breaker box and plug a different device into that outlet to make sure there is power to it. If it still does not light up, your adapter could need replacing. Also check the adapter box for signs of warmth, as it will generate heat when it's plugged in. No heat means no power.

    Remove the Battery

    Sometimes it's as simple as a misseated battery. Remove the battery entirely and clean out any dust, lint or hair that may be clogging the connectors and preventing a proper connection. Reseat the battery securely and make sure the little locking pins that hold your battery in place are securely fastened and there is no movement.

    Check the Software

    Through routine installing and uninstalling of various updates and other programs, it's possible that your operating system's power-management software has become corrupted. Corrupted power-management software can prevent the proper operation of your battery, including charging. Try finding the proper device drivers under your system's device manager tool and uninstalling, then reinstalling them. Alternately, uninstalling the drivers and then performing a "hardware scan" may identify the battery and install the proper drivers for it, correcting the charging issue.

    Replace the Battery

    If other troubleshooting methods do not repair the problem, you could simply have a faulty or dead battery. Contact your laptop's manufacturer for a replacement, or research third-party batteries, which are usually cheaper and work just as well. Until you find a replacement, use the laptop with the AC adapter.

    Seek a Technician's Help

    If all else fails and you simply cannot find the problem, a trip to a laptop repair technician is in order. There may be a faulty connection or malfunctioning part inside the computer that is preventing the battery from charging, which is hardly a do-it-yourself fix-it job. If your laptop is still under warranty, this may be covered and would require contacting your laptop manufacturer for additional information.

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    8 years ago

    The problem is definitely your battery. It's dead. I recently did a ton of research on the battery vs. charger stuff for my HP. After HP insulted me, I searched all of these blogs and battery stores and computer stores and finally found a place that made it very simple and they were soooo nice too. They told me if the laptop is running on the charger okay, then it's the battery that is dead. Makes sense to me. I found out that chargers go bad too. I had no idea that happened! Anyway, you can buy both, but if it's the connection to the laptop that is the problem like the guy below said, at least a good battery will help you to keep your work safe. Mine is awesome and gives me more time than my HP battery did when it was new AND it was 1/2 the price of an HP battery!!! Hope this helps!!!! :)

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    8 years ago

    The weak point on any laptop (or other electronic device with an adaptor) is the plug. I've never understood why laptops don't have some kind of strain relief for the cord - I've known a lot of people whose perfectly good laptops were perfectly useless because of computer companies refusal to do something as simple as that. It wouldn't be that hard to rig one yourself - just a piece of duct tape would do the trick to keep your cord from falling out on your current machine.

    Apple actually did the right thing - their adaptors are magnetic, so if you step on the cord or yank on it, it just pops off, no damage done. I'm sure they have their own problems too though.

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  • 8 years ago

    Take your machine and charger to a Computer repair shop. They should be able to tell you where the fault lies. It will either be with the charger - or your laptop.

    It probably is a loose connection with the socket in the laptop. They may or may not be able to fix it for you.

    If they can't go to Google and put in repair [make and model of laptop] and make and model of charger - and see the results.

    When I had this problem with my laptop I found a firm who collected the machine - repaired it and returned it for just under £100

    Hope that helps

  • 8 years ago

    ok my laptop does that all the time its probably because it needs a new battery it is charging it just wont stat charged wen you unhook th charger u can use the laptop just dont unhook it

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