How do I know if I'll make a good Software Engineer/Developer/Programmer? How do I begin pursuing it?

I am a business graduate with some experience in retail banking. I have always liked computers and software. I am a logical thinker with a great aptitude for math. I don't know any programming languages, but I have tried my hand at HTML before and liked it. Should I start over and pursue a degree in Computer Science or Software Development? Should I go with a technical college or a university?

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    9 years ago
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    HTML is far away from the real-world programming, especially Computer Sceince, in CS you'll learn how to solve complicated tasks, how to find your own uniqe way of thinking/approaching problems and solving them, algorithms....

    dude, it's more deeper than HTML, it's thinking like a CPU lol..

    HTML is web development anyways...

    so what make you wanna become a Software Developer anyways ?

    Source(s): An amature programmer who's going to study a Computer Sceince degree @ College.
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