I need a shih tzu expert how long do their periods last and wen can they have puppies?

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I am very concerned because this is the first time I ever had a female shih tzu and I notice she has had her period and I want to no when does this period end and wen can she have ...show more
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Any dog can come into heat as early as 6 month of age, however, you should wait until she is at least 18 months old before breeding her. The problem is that dogs and cats will go into heat before they are fully grown and they are still considered kittens and puppies until they a 12 months old.

When you decide to breed her, consult her vet about breeding and have the vet supervise the pregnancy.

An importance consideration is the size of the sire and the size of your dog. A very large sire will result in large puppies and a difficult pregnancy, this is another area in which the Vet can advise you.

Good Luck, Wayne

ps - There's nothing more fun than a house full of puppies, but be sure to start their dog training as soon as they leave the den and begin to explore.



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Thx for answering me unlike all u assholes out there fk u all im just askin a simple question if u dont no the answer then dont answer and if ur not happy with my question somehow then GTFO
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  • Julie D. answered 3 years ago
    Dogs don't have periods. They go into Season/Heat/Estrus which is the exact opposite as a human having a period. Since you didn't know this, have her spayed. The world doesn't need anymore BACK YARD BREEDERS! It doesn't take a Shih Tzu expert to anwser your question. A canine is a canine, no matter what the breed or mix is.
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  • Harris answered 3 years ago
    If you have to ask on Yahoo, then your are not experienced enough to breed dogs. There are millions of dogs being abused, and killed because there are not enough responsible homes for them. Even good in tenting breeders mess up the the situation and breed more dogs than they should. Please put you efforts into rescue.
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  • Lorraine answered 3 years ago
    You don't need a shih tzu expert at all -- any of us can answer this.

    They do not have periods - they have heat cycles (estrus) which is exactly the opposite to a human period. It is while she is bleeding that she can get pregnant so watch her like a hawk and do not allow her outside unsupervised.

    This will last 3 weeks - don't think it is over when it goes clear and straw coloured at about week 2 as this is her most fertile time.

    When she can have puppies depends on your dog and when you have done EVERYTHING necessary to produce strong healthy good breed standard puppies. Sorry to say this but judging by your question I'm afraid that is NEVER.

    Please read all the sites below which you have until she is 2 yrs old which is the earliest she should be bred. Hopefully by then you will realise that you shouldn't be breeding at all.




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  • Michelle answered 3 years ago
    If you do not already know this answer you should NOT be BREEDING your dog. Backyard breeders (which is what you would be) do nothing for the integrity of the breed and add more pets into a world that is full of unwanted animals. Get your dog spayed after she is done being in heat.


    Worked in animal rescue and have seen countless beautiful dogs die because of overpopulation.
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  • Nekkid Truth! answered 3 years ago
    dogs dont have periods. Shes in heat or estrus.. not menstruation.

    She should never have puppies. Leave breeding to people who have CH quality dogs, and know what the heck they are doing.
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  • Lindsay B answered 3 years ago
    Have her spayed. This world doesn't need anymore backyard bred junk.
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  • JenVT answered 3 years ago
    She can get pregnant any time she is in heat. Keep her away from male dogs an allow her outside on a leash only. It usually lasts 3 weeks. Make an appointment for 6 weeks from now to get her spayed.
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  • Mike M answered 3 years ago
    Listen to the rest of these answers. They are all correct! Basically they are trying to be nice & not come out & say " You are a complete IDIOT that has no business breeding dogs or breeding at all" in fact I doubt you have the knowledge needed to even own a dog responsibly!
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  • Princess Vespa answered 3 years ago
    If you don't even know about their heat cycle, you have no buisiness breeding. Get the dog Spayed.

    I must say that I have a passion for Shih Tzu's. I have a beautiful female that I got at the Animal Shelter, Yes even pure breeds end up in Animal Shelters. I also have a very poorly bred Shih Tzu that I saved from a lady that wasn't taking care of him. He has an Underbite, his eyes are wonky, he had cryptorchidism (only one testicle decended) ,he seems to have breathing problems too, and he does not look like a Shih Tzu should. I wouldn't be surprised if he has more health problems in the future. He is a sweet dog, but just because you have a dog that is in tact doesn't mean you should breed them. You need to get some knowlege about breeding and do testing on your dogs or your dogs could turn out like this dog.
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  • Shawn Morlock answered 3 years ago


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