I bought a sony led tv, it has digital out, i need to plug in my speaker system to that with 3.5" jack?

I bought a sony led tv, it has a digital out(optical), i need to plug in my speaker (with 3.5" jack input) system to that!

is there some kind of converter?


i have creative inspire 4.1 speaker system. It has its own power supply!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Your tv only has an optical audio output, which has to be connected to a receiver or a home theater in a box with an optical audio input. This signal is a digital signal that has to be decoded by a Dolby Digital decoder for surround sound. Most tv today does not offer a headphone jack at all. Some sound bars do offer an optical audio input for you to connect it to the tv. TV does not offer a speaker terminal for you to connect a speaker to the tv, it does not have the power to drive any speakers. Hope this will help you out.

  • 10 years ago

    Uhm.. a 3.5" jack is not generic. It sounds like you have some computer speakers.

    Are these speakers self powered? If not - you have 2 problems:

    * Digital out does not contain any power. It is information only. You need an amplifier to add WATTS of power to run speakers.

    * Digital out contains 6 speakers worth of sound. Do you have 6 separate speakers (5 normal speakers and a sub)? If not you need some sort of a processor that decodes the digital signal into 6 speakers worth of analog signals.

    See the problems?

    You need a Dolby Digital AV Receiver and a 'normal' set of speakers. Not computer speakers, not cheap plastic speakers left over from a $199 so-called 'system'.

    Your other alternative is a "SoundBar". This is an array of speakers in a single enclosure with a built-in amp and a single optical input. It mimics a 5.1 speaker system. Go to BestBuy and ask to see them. WARNING: Not all of the soundbars accept optical so look for this.

    Hope this helps.

  • 4 years ago

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    Yes, there are, here's one a friend of mine just bought on Amazon:


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