Why Lord Muruga is not famous in north indian Hindu's?

Lord Muruga is first priority god for all Tamil people...

where ever tamil people goes, they pray lord muruga

but except than tamilnadu, Other Hindu people are not familiar Lord Muruga. what's the reason?


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Update 2:

@ Fiaz :

We believe in Idol worship, but your worship difference, and always. Like My god, I respect allah and jesus... but don't compare like you said..

As per my knowledge, Muslims believed that God is incomparable

So don't compare frnd, if i hurt you, sorry fiaz...

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    Dear Friend

    In the Bhagavad-Gita (Ch.10, Verse 24), Krishna, while explaining his omnipresence, names the most perfect being, mortal or divine, in each of several categories. While doing so, he says: "Among generals, I am Skanda, the lord of war."

    Perception of Lord Muruga in North India is different from the perception in South India.

    In North India, Kartik is largely seen as a war god and is believed to be responsible for the loss of men and thereby responsible for creating widows; this might be one of the reasons for Lord Karthick is not famous among North Indians. Most north Indian traditions describe him as a bachelor. Sometimes, he has a wife called Devasena, meaning ‘army of the gods’,

    Lord Muruga, the son of Lord Shiva, is popularly known as Kartik in North India. In South India, Kartik is also known as Subrahmanya and Skanda. There are some major differences the way in which Lord Kartik is worshipped in North and South India. The worship of Kartik is more popular in South India, especially among Tamilians and Malayalis (Tamil Nadu and Kerala). Kartik is worshipped in North India but not anywhere near the way in which he is worshipped in South India in North India, Lord Kartik is the elder son of Shiva and Parvati. But in South India, Ganesha is the elder son of Shiva and Parvati.

    Lord Kartik is believed to be unmarried in North India. In South India, Muruga has two wives, Devayani and Valli. But in South India, his courage and masculine character is celebrated and worshipped. Vel or Shoolam is the weapon and symbol of Muruga and it is worshipped and included in pujas, festivals and rituals in South India. Vel is not popularly worshipped in North India. In North India belief, Murugan is Karthik - a bachelor (Pehowa in Haryana)

    Worship of Skanda was prevalent in north India quite early. Bilsad stone pillar inscription of the time of Kumaragupta (415-16 AD) and various other stone and bronze sculptures discovered from northern and eastern India are a testimony to the popularity of Skanda.

    A red sandstone image of Skanda (2nd cent AD) at National Museum, New Delhi; sculptures of Skanda as 'instructor god' in the Gwalior Museum; image of Kumara Kārttikeya at Baijnath, Almora (U.P) in the Pārvatī temple and a sculpture from Himachal Pradesh at National Museum, New Delhi are a testimony of the popularity and importance of Skanda. A large number of sculptures ranging from 7th century Ad onwards found in the eastern India, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and also from Chamba hills and Mandi area of Himachal Pradesh further establish the antiquity and prevalence of Skanda 'holding the portfolio of defense in the kingdom of heavens'. Yaudheyas, an ancient Indian military tribe, had adopted him as their spiritual and temporal ruler. Kumāra Gupta of Gupta dynasty, Devamitra of Ayodhyā (1st Cent. AD) and Vijaymitra are also known as devotees of Skanda

    Rohtika -- now Rohtak in Harayana near Delhi --was historically a town of Yaudheyas. Mahabharata description of this being a favorite city of Kārttikeya is confirmed by the discovery of several Kārttikeya type coins.

    However, Kartikeya's popularity in North India receded from the middle Ages onwards.


    Dear Friend

    The question you wanted me to answer is already decided and closed. I will surely answer a similar question if posted again by you.

    My Best wishes to you always.


    Member ssrvj quotes me as if I said in my answer “What Revathi says--South Indians do NOT believe”

    I do not think this is true; I never said anywhere like that, I only compared North Indian perception with that of South Indian .

    Pl ask him to withdraw that line.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Why Lord Muruga is not famous in north indian Hindu's?

    Lord Muruga is first priority god for all Tamil people...

    where ever tamil people goes, they pray lord muruga

    but except than tamilnadu, Other Hindu people are not familiar Lord Muruga. what's the reason?

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    I think north indians understood Karthikeya better. Lord Muruga is known as a bachelor in north india, because of this simple reason.

    There is no other person like Him, He is everything. He is the single truth. He is Krishna. He is Ajanma Brahmachari. He is the one without a second, and hence it is meaningless to attribute another equal half to Him.

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    Hi All,

    I may reply a little late for this question but definitely I have a better answer for this.

    I guess you should have some knowledge about Aryan Invasion Theory. Actually Aryans are from central Europeans who came to India and occupied major land parts . So most of the native Indians who we call as Dravidians are moved to southern part of India due to dominance of Aryans. That is the reason Indians are in different colors.

    Aryans - Fair skinned

    Dravidians - Dark Skinned.

    All brahmans are Aryans event though they live in south India , Aryans only have brought Caste system into India. Aryans are like Mughals and Europeans who conquered our land but the difference is they still didn't leave.

    Murugan is one of the famous dravidian god and for the murugan temples they have their own priests. Actually Murugan is a hunter and was a great man during his life time . In Ancient times dravidians worship their Ancestors once they leave them.

    Likewise Murugan was worshipped among many people after he passed away . Murugan's actual look is with small white cloth for covering birth organ(Kovanam) and Vel , all the old status of Murugan is with the same look.

    Aryans have their own of worshiping and they have their own set of Gods . So to impose hinduism into dravidians they tried different ways, the final way is what they Included Murugan into Shiva's family. Aryans also decorated Murugan with jewels and constumes like their other gods.

    So Murugan is no other than our ancestor God and hence we are still worshipping him. So only north Indians doesn't include Murugan . Hope it clarifies you

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    Lord Murugan

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    Murugan was a tamil siddhar who is well versed in martial arts. Only to symbolize that, he was given Cock and Peacock as the his Vahanam(both are ferocious fighters)....

    Murugan is not only workshipped in tamil nadu and south eastern countries(Again it went there bcoz of tamils only)...He was also workshipped near Mediterranean regions also...

    Yazidhis also workshipped murugan(they are from turkey)


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    Some logical research facts about murugan:


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    Some logical research about all the so called Hindu Gods(Basically every one was tamil aaseevaga siddhars):


    Youtube thumbnail

    I believe that Murugan is not a son of Shiva. I think those are just stories. If it were real, there would be no differences in the north and the south indian versions...This is just my personal opinion...I am saying this as I don't find this logical....

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    Lord Kartikeya

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    Dear Faiz, why are you so keen in calling god (Allah = all mighty or power) in arabic.. are you an arab ? if you are indian, use the same word in Sanskrit. My friend, then you will get the answer “Siva”. Allah and siva have literally same meaning. One used by Arab and other by Indians. Siva-linga resembles the source of power (energy). The term siva in used even by people of Indus valley civilization (4000BC to 3000BC ) whereas the term Allah is used by Muslims and Islam as a religion itself started only in 7century AD.

    All Hindu gods are symbolic representation of some power; however for the ease of understanding they are given appropriate shape. Example..

    Vignesh is given elephant head denoting the elephant power to demolish obstacles. This is the reason people pray Vignesh before they start any activity. As thinking animals, human-being usually have an aim in their life and it requires vignesh to demolish the obstacles to achieve the same thus Vignesh is also considered as Ganapathy (king of human race).

    Aarumugan means man with six faces (Murugan / kartikeyan/kumaran etc..) is the power to calculate and analysis the situation for which it requires to focus on 6 directions (east, west, north, south, up and down) simultaneously. This is the same reason why this power is also called as scanda (lord of war) or deva-senapathy (the captain of god’s army). Murugan is also said to be the power who invented astrology.

    All such powers evolve from a universal power source called siva-linga (creating point of siva).

    Demon stories are just fiction of authors .. and don’t blame Hinduism for that..

    All religions have such authors

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    Howdy! Someone in my facebook group shared this question so I came to check it out. I'm definitely enjoying the information. I am bookmarking and will be tweeting it to my followers!

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    Really? Interesting.

    EDIT: Lord Murga is Lord Karthik? So, Murga is Kumar?

    Source(s): A Monistic Hindu
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    Lord Murugan Stories

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