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Any Awesome Books to Read?

I'm 13, and a boy. i like supernatural, action, adventure, dystopian and horror books.

Books I've Read/Going to Read:

Gone,Hunger,Lies,Plague-Michael Grant

Skulduggery Pleasant Series-Derek Landy

Ashes,Ashes-Jo Tregiarri

Artemis Fowl Series-Eoin Colfer

Percy Jackson Series-Rick Riordan

The Hunger Games Trilogy- Susanne Collins

Divergent- Veronica Roth

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod-Heather Brewer

Harry Potter Series-J.K. Rowling

Fallen- Thomas Sniegoski

The Chaos Walking Trilogy-Patrick Ness

Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Jeff Kinney

Wounded-Eric Walters

Wave-Eric Walters

Shaken-Eric Walters

Alexandria of Africa-Eric Walters

Pop!-Gordon Korman

No More Dead Dogs-Gordon Korman

Stoneheart-Charlie Fletcher

Maze Runner-James Dasher

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    Try reading these books and series:

    I am Number Four (By Pittacus Lore)

    The Power of Six (Comes out in August)

    When the Mogadorians attacked Lorien, 9 young children and their guardians flee to Earth until it is safe enough to go back. But the Mogadorians are hunting them down, killing them in order of their numbers. John Smith is Number Four, living safely in Paradise, Ohio with Henri, his guardian. Or so he thinks. Follow Number Four in his adventures of getting his first powers, first girlfriend, first true friend, and his first encounter with the evil Mogadorians that went to earth to destroy him.

    The book is WAY better than the movie, and way diffrent! I gave it to my aunt to see what it was about, and she started reading it for over an hour in one sitting! It's awesome!

    Life as we Know it (Susan Pffefer)

    The Dead and the Gone

    This World we live in

    When a giant asteroid hits the moon, it knocks it out of orbit, causing food shortages, climate changes, and chaos on Earth.

    Beastly (By Alex Flinn)

    (More books by Alex Flinn) A kiss in Time


    Each of these books are modern day fairy tales- Beauty and the Best, Sleeping Beauty, and Cloaked is a mixture of a bunch of fairytales, but it was my favorite one! And PS, these books are NO WAY girly. In all 3, the main character is a guy. So, you should definatly give them a try!

    The Uglies series (Scott Westerfeld)





    In Tally's world, when you turn 16, you get a special operation that makes you super model gorges. Then you are called a pretty. But when Tally's new friend, Shay, runs away to escape the operation, Tally has a choice- find Shay and turn her in, or never turn pretty, ever.

    Hush Hush by Becca Fitztpatirick

    When Nora Grey meets a mysterious boy named Patch, she immediately doesn't like him. But when dangerous, terrifying things begin to happen to her, she has no choice but to turn to him for help. But could he be something even worse than she is imagining?

    That's all I can think of right now, but all of those books are AMAZING and I hope you have the chance to read them! I highly recommend them!

    PS. Sorry the summaries are a little vague... I was in a hurry ;)

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    The Noble Dead Saga by Barb and J.C. Hendee, the first novel in the series - Dhampir. Seriously, I can't stress how friggin awesome this series is. <> Second recommendation: The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind, the first novel - Wizard's First Rule. The novels in The Sword of Truth series are almost tortuous in their length and they get more lengthy with each book, but they're worth it. Both series are fantasy (that's my favorite genre) with a lot of action. Both are very very good. Have fun getting into them. EDIT: I forgot, these are both adult fiction series, and though you're 13, I'm sure you can handle them. I was about your age when I started delving into adult fiction. Though I'm not sure if I'd have liked them at 13. I guess if you feel they're too much or if you find them boring, wait a few years and pick them up again. I promise, they are worthy of a second chance.

  • My best friend (a guy, 13) read these books and liked them: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and Unwind by Neal Shusterman. The two are completely different.

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    Tick tock by dean Koontz

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    Nightshade by Andrea Cremer is a good one, also Hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick...

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