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Wet/Dry Steam Hair Straightener?

Can someone suggest a good hair straightener (preferably under $75) that can be used on damp hair that uses steam? I had a chi that crapped out on me that I wasn’t happy with. My hair is thick and naturally curly so one that has 1 ½ or 2 inch plates. Just want it to last.......

All suggestions welcome!!! THANKS! :)

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    Try new classy wet and dry hair straightening iron.

    It's advance nano silver technology gives gorgeous style right after washing your hair.

    Dry, clean and style your hair simultaneously.

    Available in various animal print, colors and affordable price with fast shipping.

    Try it.

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    Remington wet to straight can damage hair. But their remington pearl is cute it has a four year warranty 15x more ceramic the plates are made out of crushed pink pearls it's black and pink. It beeps when it's ready goes up to 450 degrees. I like it ALOT better than my old wet to straight iron. The pearl is at walmart i got mine for $34.00. It does a really good job straightening thick curly hair.

    Hope this helps

    God bless :]

    Source(s): I have one im not using it until my hair gets to my waist though Thank God :]
  • Mel
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    6 years ago

    Using a straightener directly on wet hair is the most damaging thing possible. It's basically frying your hair like fried eggs, no kidding. I don't recommend doing that at all. And I nalso recommend a professional hair straightener that will straighten your hair thoroughly without causing damage. The one I recommend is the karmin g3

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