I want to have a job that deals with animals.?

I used to want to be a nurse but it's okay to change your mind, right? Of course, I'll still have to break it to my mom. Anyways, I love animals and I want to enter a career that revolves around animals and saving animals and such. You know, those shows on Discovery Channel? Or what about the one's you find on youtube, where you feed baby lions and work with chimps and apes. What is that called? How much do you make? What classes should you take in highschool (I'm in 10th grade)? And I live in Las Vegas, so what college should I take. I also plan on moving to MI after two years of college in Vegas, so what colleges are good in MI?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Here are some links that give examples of jobs that work with animals :





    In high school, try taking classes involved in what kind of job you want. Since biology is the closest to animals, it may work although if you want to be a photographer as well, try photography/art class,etc.

    I already posted some colleges around your area and in Michigan, so here is the link to your other question :


    Yes it is okay to change your mind, but not too much though. It's good that you didn't do a big change, as nursing can somewhat be close to caring for animals.

    To Hole in The earth : I think she means jobs that will get her sufficient amount of money, and jobs that require college and education.

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  • 9 years ago

    The best took I found out there that touches on all sorts of animal related jobs is 101 Best Businesses For Pet Lovers. Our library had a copy, but you can get it half off at amazon.com if your library doesn't have a copy.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    you could work as a groomer at pets co or petsmart

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