United States Naval Academy?

Just to clear things up... would a guy wanting to be a Marine go to annapolis? I think so, but what would be different about your college experience.

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    The Naval Academy is a major commissioning source for Marine officers. The Academy operates as a fully-integrated Navy/Marine Corps team, with Marines filling a significant percentage of billets up to and including Commandant of Midshipmen, the second-highest officer billet at the school. Two of my Company Officers were Marines, and earlier this year one of them attended our company's 34-year reunion. Midshipmen who desire to be Marines compete for the billets and sometimes there are not enough Marine officer slots to meet the demand. All prospective Marines must attend some form of Marine Officer Candidate School, which for the Academy and Navy ROTC is a summer training activity called Bulldog. The current joint commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, was a year ahead of me in my company at the Academy and is a good example of the quality of Marines graduating from the Naval Academy.

    The college experience at the Naval Academy is quite different from all colleges in the U.S., except for the other Federal Service Academies. You wear a uniform and are under military discipline all the time. Your time is tightly programmed and you will take more hours of classes each term than any of your civilian buddies. You will participate in mandatory athletics each afternoon and march in two competitive parades every week in the fall and spring. You will hate it, and at the same time time, you will love it. You will make friends for life with some of the finest young men and women in the world. If you are someone who is really committed to being a Marine, it will just feel like home to you. Would I do it all over again, even with my 1.67 GPA my first semester? Not only yes, but hell yes.

    Source(s): Naval Academy alumni, former Naval Academy Information Officer, former Navy ROTC Instructor, and son of a career Marine.
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    Naval Academy Midshipmen who want to commission as Marine 2nd Lieutenants generally belong to the Semper Fidelis Society at the Naval Academy and train together. They also usually attend a 3.5 week course called Leatherneck that takes place at TBS, Quantico Virginia.

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    Yes, or you could attend a college or university with NROTC.

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    that, or select Marine option NROTC or attend PLC

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