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think im pregnant? boyfriends saying its normal...?

im 12 days late for my period. and i get bad indegestion and fatigue.

my boyfriends just thinks its normal and that i;ve skipped a period ( which i have never done before)

i am normally very regular with my periods... so i think im pregnant..

is my boyfriends right and am i just stressin?

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    It IS normal to skip a period occasionally, even if it's never happened to you before.

    But if you've had sex and your period is late, you have to rule out pregnancy before you (or your boyfriend) can assume this is just an ordinary period-skipping. If you haven't had a pregnancy test yet, your boyfriend insisting that everything is "normal" sounds a lot like denial.

    If you HAVE taken a pregnancy test and gotten a negative, just test again every week until you either get your period, or a positive.

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    You should buy a pregnancy test and find out for sure. I don't think your boyfriend is right and that you are stressing, I think if you have been having sex you could possibly be pregnant but the only way to know for sure is to test with a home pregnancy test.

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    Lots of things can cause a late period (and indigestion and fatigue). The only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

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    Just go to medical shop and ask "Pregnancy testing strip" that will cost you around 50 to 60 rupees. It's a easy way to find out. Be happy. Don't worry.

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  • You should probably take a test to be sure. I like the dollar store tests. Use it 1st thing in the morning to get the best results. Good luck!

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    Best way to find out is to do a pregnancy test.

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    Why don't you take a pregnancy test, we can't tell if you're really pregnant on here.

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