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Do any of the famous wrestling promoters eg. Vince K McMahon, Jeff Jarrett etc.) have autobiographies?

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    Ole Anderson and Dusty Rhodes do; they weren't promoters per se, but more bookers (head writers). I haven't read either of them, but both have been criticized. Ole's, for being too kayfabe, and Dusty's for being a "b*tch session" and a "put over The American Dream" book.

    JJ Dillon (former wrestler and manager of the Four Horsemen) has an autobiography I highly recommend called "Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls". JJ wasn't a promoter, but he was a high-ranking officer of both WCW and the WWE and was part of booking committees in both promotions. It is an excellent book, very interesting, and gives a good look at what goes on "behind closed doors" in big league wrestling promotions.

    As far as I know Vince, the Jarretts (father and son), Jim Crockett, Don Owen, Stu Hart, Mike Lebell, Bob Geigel, and other big-time promoters have not written autobiographies.

    Another excellent book written by a former wrestler and long-time booker/writer for various promotions is "Tales From a Dirt Road" written by Dutch Mantell. Dutch is a great storyteller.

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    Eric Bischoff had Controvercy Creates Cash. I'm sure a lot of the old territory guys probably have something out there written and published too.

  • No, Vince has a dvd called the road to wresstlemania i think and all books are written by someone else.

    Jeff Jarett doesn't.

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