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what helicopter company is better, boeing company or bell?

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    Bell. Boeing is by far my favorite manufacturer of airplanes but, not rotorcrafts. I believe Bell is better. The only Boeing helicopter I like is the Ch-46 and Ch-47. I'm not even counting the Ah-64 Apache or littlebird because they were built by Mcdonnell douglas originally. Bell in my opinion is better. The Uh-1N twin huey is the greatest military chopper ever built! :D And now they have the Super HUEY (newer and better version of the UH-1N

    P.S. Do you like Boeing trains? I do.

    P.P.S. I think this guy above me is getting Boeing Rotorcraft systems confused with Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

    P.P.P.S. What do you think is better?

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    I'm not a fan of helicopters, so I would say Boeing in a heartbeat. HOWEVER, I do know that Bell is a more proficient heli company.

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    personaly i would say boeing. honestly i dont know much about helicopters but i do however work for a company that supplies boeing and were best in the world at what we do and alot of our stuff goes to beoing so there getting top notch supplies for there aircrafts. to help show how good we are my company is getting roughly 10 million dollars in equipment in just my department alone because were getting contracts left and right boeing alone has like 5 or 6 contracts with us and working on a few more.

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    Bell by far as the greatest helicopter was the Bell Huey UH1

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    Sikorsky is where it's all at. You want to work with the best helo designers and manufacturers out there, then work for Sikorsky.

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