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High School about ap classes?

Is taking ap classes hard and can you take all your classes ap? Is that a good yes or no?

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    AP classes are generally harder than normal classes but it really depends on the teacher and the subject. For example, if you speak Spanish and are taking AP Spanish, the class will be really easy for you. Some schools don't offer every class as AP so I don't think it's possible to take all of them AP. It'd be a very good thing if you do take AP classes. It shows colleges and universities you apply to that you are hardworking and intelligent. AP classes also boost up your GPA. For example, if you get a B in an AP class, it'd be like getting an A in a regular class. This is the way it works in my district so it might be a little different in your school district.

    Source(s): Personal knowledge of an LAUSD high school graduate.
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    AP classes are a good way to prepare yourself for college, also if you pass the AP exams you can save yourself from attending GE classes at your future University.

    AP classes are demanding, but if you think you are able to handle a full load, go for it. However, students who did take all AP in high school all went into IVY League schools. So if you think you can devote yourself to studies for most of your high school days, go for it. I think you should just balance out some AP classes with regular so that you can enjoy what's left of high school, while still being competitive when applying to colleges.

    Source(s): UCLA - Mechanical Engineering Took 8 AP courses in High school
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    yes taking ap classes is almost as hard as college or university, ummm maybe, it depends cause you cant take ap PE or ap art, its only good if you can get the same grades you would get in a normal class cause if you dont do so well (like failing) it wont count for college credit

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    YES, I'm in both AP/IB classes,and it is not easy, but colleges love it, and you will love it when you go to college and get to exempt the class. It takes a lot of hard work, but in the end it is worth it

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