Relationship with foreign exchange student?

A foreign exchange student from denmark is at my school this year, and we have taken a particular interest in each other. She is here for a year and is a junior where as I am a senior. Would it be wrong, or even illegal to have a relationship with her and/or engage in sex or other sexual related things?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Is it in the US?

    If you are both of age, then no, it would not be illegal. Why would it be?

    BUT, some American exchangestudent organisations do not allow their students to have sex at all(because of the risk of pregnancy), and also all/most organisations have strict rules about that the students MUST follow the rules of their host family: As I know most American families do not allow their students to have sex, this breach of the family rules would be enough to send the student home immidiatly.

    Source(s): Works for YFU-Denmark, was an exchangestudent with YFU-USA
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