Minecraft herobrine real?

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is he real without a mod? how do i find him? what does he do?
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He isn't exactly real, rather that he's a well played off joke of a creepypasta that has gotten the attention of Notch (aka the maker of Minecraft.) He himself has stated that he isn't real, however there was a patch where people claimed that Notch placed Herobrine into the game to bug/annoy random people. He was later supposedly removed by the next patch. (Where the end of the patch notes stated specifically "Removed Herobrine." at the bottom of that list. Doesn't specify if he was actually in the game, or if it was just another joke to poke fun at the idea.)
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  • opdelta answered 3 years ago
    There is no TRUE answers but I can tell you 1 thing.

    In Minecraft Beta 1.6.6 Notch said: *Removed Herobrine.

    In Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 Notch said: -Removed Herobrine.

    so Negative + negative = positive.

    And personally, I'm not taking any chances cuz in 1.7.3 I saw him with my friend. I was playing solo and was building a house when my friend started pointing the screen at something blue starring at us. We saw him and my render distance was tiny. he started running and disappeared in the fog.

    We have a good chance to have Herobrine haunting us.

    And in minecraft.jar there is the char.png which is used by the gx or gz.class (the Player.Entity.Java)

    in the .class it's written thing about Capes and re-skinned Monster mob etc...

    It's a big proof that it's a hidden mob in minecraft! :)
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  • Unknown answered 3 years ago
    Herobrine Isn't real. He's more like "The Ghost of Vacant" From COD4. Notch places an easteregg in one of the patch fix lists stating "Removed Herobrine". For Giggles.
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