Names popular during the great depression?

I'm writing a story and I need ideas for names for boys and girls. I also need last names and middle names.

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    Ooops forgot middle names - Edit to add

    Dolores Ann Meyer

    Herman Ernst Schmidt

    Travis Kent Whealon

    Gracie Lee Polachi

    Grady Lynn Crisp

    Thelma Sue Goush

    Louis Richard Moore

    June Marie McGillycuddy

    Dixie Deana Dolan

    Robert Luke White

    Margaret Kay Ivy

    Wallace Martin Blanchard

    Imojean Ruth Hancock

    Gerald Wayne Hubert

    Etta-May Jean Nagle

    William Turner Prescott

    Helga Alma Weiss

    Carl Frank Young

    Mary Nell Smiley

    Melvin Paul Ralph

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    Depression Names

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    Robert James Donnelly.

    Donald Frank Woods.

    Jack Albert Williams.

    Clarence Walter Livermore.

    Ernest Leroy Jackson.

    Lloyd Herman Lewis.

    Vincent Harvey Tomlinson.

    Sally Jo Reynolds.

    Sylvia Bernice Pyke.

    Ethel Geraldine Fox.

    Judith Louise Smith.

    Joyce Delores Hegarty.

    Carol Elizabeth Parks.

    Ruth Frances Moore.

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