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I am a current student with nothing to do except read. I am working towards my BS in Computer Science. I am familiar with PHP, Java, C, C++, and other stuff such as HTML and CSS. I have no idea what to code and even though I know there are tons of exercises online I wanted an opinion from everyone else. Keep the ideas coming......


I am not creative whatsoever. I have made my own programs before like a Duplicate file remover (couldn't find a decent one). I just wanted some input on anything people would think was interesting.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Write something you know you're likely to need again later, like a Login Screen for example.

    Include a "Forgot your password?" link with some methodology for a user to identify himself if he forgets his password. They typically include a small set of questions that supposedly only the user will know the answer to.

    Include a "Register new account" page which checks to make sure a user_id hasn't been used yet, confirms the password is more complicated than "1234" or "password", and gets the email plus whatever other information may be required. (Such as the various security questions.) Have the page send a confirmation email to the new user, and maybe add some kind of a "Captcha" to help minimize registering robots and brats with too much spare time. (I had a "click here for information" page once, and you wouldn't believe how much garbage people would cram in there, just to see if the system would take it.)

    Write something on the back-end that tracks login failures, so if somebody attempts to brute-force guess a password by repetitive attempts, the system can automatically block (or at least seriously slow down) such attempts. It has to be done back-end to avoid resetting client cookies for a fresh start. Track the IP addresses of repeated failures: maybe if the same IP has multiple attempts to multiple logins, you can send the cops. Probably not (they're probably in China or Russia anyway) but we can dream.

    Think up some other security concerns, I'm sure there are plenty others. "SQL Injection" comes to mind, watch out for that.

    There's more to it than it appears at first glance, and it can take a while to do it all and do it all correctly. Once it's done, and done well, you can re-use that on any number of different projects.

  • T PA
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    9 years ago

    When I took a Java class I made a text adventure for my GUI project with a battle system, inventory, and GUI images for the inventory slots and map. It was a fun project.

  • crimi
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    4 years ago

    that isn't a language, it particularly is used for commenting out particular code. that's somewhat oftentimes utilized in Javascript interior of HTML to remark out the script code to cover it from older browsers and likewise to ensure that pages validate suitable.

  • 9 years ago

    Design your own stuff. You'll get the best experience that way

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