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Will the GOP have to give up their mission of ---?

Before President Obama ever took office the GOP declared they would do everything they could to see his administration fails. They have spent the last thirty months doing just that.

The GOP has fought everything the Obama administration has attempted that would lead us onto a path of recovery from the mess he inherited. The GOP has spent more time creating failure, confusion, discontent and fear in voters minds than they have in trying to help fix our problems.

Their mission is to see Obama fails. In doing that they spent huge amounts spreading negative, damaging and counterproductive comments about our economy. Through their constant barrage of complaints they have convinced Americans that we will not recover from the mess Bush led us into until Obama is out of office.

Until America can overcome the fears instilled by the GOP we will not see the fortitude to move forward. Business people need to get beyond the fears sold by the GOP. They need to remember that every business includes possible failure but that work and effort succeeds. They need to walk away from the idea that they fail; failure starts with a mind set; winners win when they decide that is what they want.

In mid 2005 and into 2007 Bush was warned that small business was having troubles and changes had to be made to ensue they survived. Bush elected to ignore the problems. His "Hands-off" attitude left the small business owner to survive on their own and for some time they did. The inevitable finally caught up to them and we can see what Bush's lack of leadership got us into.

What can the present administration do to convince small business that they can succeed and that our recovery is based on what they can do. It is not the presidents job to Create jobs but to encourage job creation and provide incentives to small business. He has done this with tax cuts for small business and waivers of federal laws to help them survive. Their biggest block right now is the fear imposed by the GOP for no other reason than to see Obama Fail.

Will the Republicans succeed in keeping small business from stepping forward?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes, the GOP made that promise and they have kept it! We all see the results. Very little has gotten done to help the American people ride out this deep recession and the country is even more divided than ever. Washington is very close to a literal stand still. We sink deeper into recession while they dance away their time in Congress playing the "get 'em" game. Their salaries are excellent, their health care the best in the country and their many perks delightful and yet they refuse to do their job of governing. The GOP has been so focused on 2012, starting the very day Obama was elected that they have been unable to govern because that is all they can think about and that’s where their entire focus is - on 2012.

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    4 years ago

    "Block Me II" already has the purple party's undertaking assertion down pat. hi did you comprehend that for the duration of 1988, Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX) subsidized a bill that surpassed with extremely bipartisan help (the competition being, no longer particularly, Republican) to get rid of the criminal enforcement powers from the IRS? Many Democrats right now even have faith that taxes must be diminished for the main area and the outcomes for being no longer able to pay them must be a great deal decreased. Repub's, on the different hand would fairly strengthen maximum of your taxes even with the undeniable fact that the previous failed "flat-tax" equipment, of which the final time we've had, became between the of their follies that led to the large melancholy whilst they ruled a large type of the gov't for the 1st 30 years of the 20'th century. (The so-talked approximately as "Republican era of Normalcy", which became of course something yet, as every person who's studied cultural historic previous can attest to.) additionally, as many a pissed off genuine socialist will *****, there are an incredible many so-talked approximately as "Blue dogs" now, simply by fact the Democratic party openly accepts conservatives. the GOP, on the different hand is at the instant pushing all its moderates away as rapid because it may. edit: to the persons who thumbed me down, i individually I certainly have argued for a "all-non-obligatory" tax equipment on fairly some political boards. Liberals and Libertarians the two tended to help this place, and without fail, each time, it fairly is been the so-talked approximately as conservatives who've made their think approximately arguing that one in all those equipment would not artwork.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well said. I don't know to add.

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