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My friends? im so upset really help:(?

my friends all hung out this whole weekend but i couldnt go, & they all went to the mall and there like my 3 close friends and we ALL always hang out & this time i couldnt make it. And they all made status's about hanging out on facebook & they took all of these pictures of all of them and uploaded them to facebook & they made videos and uploaded it. & then they messaged me like "ew" but i know it was a joke but it still made me feel bad. & also i texted them like hey and i know they had there phones and they werent answering and i just feel all sad and upset:( & i feel like there mad at me for some reason idk. but i feel so jelouse and upset since i know they will all be talking about it the next time we hang out...and im about to CRY:( helpp!


and dont say " i need new friends" because i love them and whenever im with them we always all have fun. but im just really upset right now

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    Hey, if they are your friends their just giving you a hard time. Just because they went to the mall with out you, doesnt mean that their not gonna have any fun. No matter what friends post pictures of them with other friends having fun, and some one is always going to be upset because they missed out. Everything will be okay and if they are your close friends, they dont hate you because you didnt go to the mall with them? That would be really silly. If you feel that they really are mad at you, you should call or text them and say the problem up front so they know. Your a teen, and we often feel like this... and ya it pretty much sucks but everything will be okay:) Don't get upset about these things.

    I hoped I helped

    If they really are mean or don't treat you like a friend in return, you might want to make new friends. Just make sure they are not giving you a hard time. Sometimes people dont realize how mean theycan be when they are joking

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    I feel bad for you I know its hard but, don't take it too seriously because if they are joking they will think you are to serious. Invite all of those friends over and talk about it so nothing else happens and find another spot all of you guys can hang out.

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    I guess they were mad that you couldn't go and they were trying to make you jealous about it. I know because I have friends like that. Things like this will go by. You just got to deal with them.

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    Sounds like you need new friends.

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    tell them u feel bad etc

    ans mine please

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