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How many more days can milk last after the expiration date?

I've drunk milk before when it was like 4 days past the date, and nothing happened, though i do have a strong immune system, no I do not know how to "smell" milk lolz, ahahaha but idk really... idk how to tell, so.. what do u think?? my mom says weeks, and the expiration date is just so they won't get sued or whatever, plz help me, i dont want a long thing, just lolz like how many? :3 thnx btw im almost 12 so yeahh ahahaha. thnx :D :D

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    Expiration date is just a sell by date. It doesn't mean that it's gone bad by that exact date. It is usually still good for a week after the expiration date. Though the general rule of thumb. If it smells bad don't drink it. That goes for even if it's before the expiration date.

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    The expiration date is only a guide. Sometimes (not very often I might add) the milk will go bad before the expiration date. Other times it could be a day or two after.

    The rule is simple: If it smells like milk, it's fine. If it smells nasty, cheesy, or not quite like milk should, it isn't. Trust your nose.

    Never leave milk out. Always keep it in the fridge. Also, never risk two days of straight vomiting just to save a few cents on a bit of milk.

    Lastly, you posted this in mental health which is not an appropriate category for this question. Please review your choice of category next time.

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    Let the milk really go bad; you'll definitely be able to taste it.

    The expiration date is a worst case scenario: If its transported in a truck with a marginal refridgeration unit, if it sits on a shelf that's not cooled enough in the light for days and days, if it sits in the trunk of the car for hours: then the expiration date will be real close: if not actually too late.

    However, if its kept cool and dark and sealed correctly it will last up to two weeks more.

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    It depends on the milk but you shouldnt really drink it when its gone out of date, maybe a couple of days at the most

    just smell it, and if it smells sour and makes you cringe a bit then its probably out of date

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