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is the Vietnam war considered a revolution?

im doing a nhd (national history day) project and i was wondering if the Vietnam war is considered a revolution because the theme for this year contest is revolution,reaction, reform in history. if u guyz hav any suggestion about this topic or any other topic that is about medicine feel free to help! :) oh and the topic has to be before the 1970s.

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    By local political standards for the north vietnamese it was a revolution cause it was under the light of mass struggle and armed revolt to bring down a capitalistic system and replace the old order with a new order with a new system of communism. but it was approached as war per se...

    You better consider the revolution started by Gorbachev in soviet union cause 20 years ago soviet regime collapsed by popular demand of change and internal contradictions....

    Also try the revolt asking for civil rights inside usa....

    The Praga spring revolt of 68 or the Hungarian revolt of 56....Or Poland upsrise of 1982

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    The Vietnam Conflict is not the part that was the revolution. The revolution occurred when the North Vietnamese decided to become Communist under the rule of Ho Chi Minh, and they fought off the French who knew the area as Indo-China.

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    Eisenhower created "South" Vietnam after it had become obvious that Ho Chi Minh would win the unification elections scheduled for 1956. The Vietnam War was between the Vietnamese, who wanted the American occupiers gone, and the Americans who wanted to keep their new country viable as a counterweight to an indigenous Communist political movement in Vietnam.

    The USA lost and the Vietnamese won.

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    It was a revolution in the fact that Ho Chi Minh's spent his life trying to unite the North and the South. His defeat and expulsion of the French was a revolution. The continuing fight with South Vietnam, following his death, and the expulsion of the Americans was also a revolution.

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    No, it was a war just like world war 2 (North Vietnam started invading South Vietnam and the US decided to help out the south).

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    No, the war in Vietnam is not considered a revolution. In order for it to be a revolution, the war has to be for the purpose of a change of who is in power. You could write your report on the American revolution, or the French revolution.

    Answer mine?;_ylt=Ao7Yj...

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    I assume that you are talking about the war when the US was involved

    This was more of a civil war rather than a revolution

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    I don't think there was anything particularly revolutionary about it.

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