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Rank these rotations?

Ok so if these were 1,2,3 rotations for a team which one is the best and worst?

Rotation 1- Halladay, Sabathia, Lester

Rotation 2- Kershaw, Lincecum, Hernandez

Rotation 3- Verlander, Weaver, Wainwright

I'm bored and was just wondering :)


Jedda! lol :)

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    Rotation 1. Has been solid for their respective teams. Each one may have had minor hiccups here and then but has been great for their team.

    Roation 3 is a close 2nd. my reasoning for no ptting them first is that Verlander has been the only one that really stands out. Weaver went on a stretch in which he couldn't win a game. Wainwright is on the DL but I am sure he will come back stonger.

    Rotation 2 aces for their respective team but seem to be a small step off of their games this year.

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    1. Rotation1- Sabathia and Halladay are just brilliant and lester is not bad but breaks down when pitches 6 or more innings.

    2. Rotation 3

    3. Rotation 2.

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    Rotation 1... You have 2 left handers and a righty... Halladay has great movement on his fastball along with Lester. CC in between the two with his 4 seam straight fastball will accent the other two pitchers well, and his nasty slider will keep hitters on their toes... Lots of strikeouts in that rotation

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    The best this year is probably 3, minus Wainwright. The worst this year is probably 2.

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    1. Rot. 1

    2. Rot. 3

    3. Rot. 2

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    Weaver Haren Santana, oh what do you know, an actual rotation.

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